Friday, 30 July 2010

We should reduce our computer game time.

As anyone with even the most passing of acquaintances with Korea will know, this country is nuts about computer games. Sometimes I wonder if the entire economy is run on PC-bangs (smoke-filled computer rooms packed with ardent gamers and cup-ramen) and hagwons (after school academies).

At least one of my students doesn't think it's such a good thing...

I think we should reduce our computer game time.
When we shouldn't (don't) reduce it, our school test score will be lower, and heard parent's are nagging. And when we didn't doing exercize and always playing computer games and eating food, our body will be fatter and fatter. Is it finish? No, when we play computer game time longer, we can get computer poisoning. And our eye become red, so our body will be unhealthy. Do you want to be like this? So, you should reduce your computergame times.

That's me told then. No more Sims 3. For today.

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