Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A Heartfelt Apology

Today, one of my cheekiest third graders drew a picture of me and another teacher and wrote 'They are kissing'. Suffice to say, we are not kissing. When I asked her to leave the classroom, she refused. Instead of attempting to drag her out, I went for guilt and told her that it made me sad and upset. (She wouldn't understand 'I'm disappointed in you' quite yet.) I thought she would run away after class, but she came upstairs for her punishment: completion of a rather well-designed discipline sheet.

What did you do? I do on paper. I drawing.

Why did you do that? Because I'm boring.

Is your behavior good or bad? Why do you think so? bad. Because I didn't do study.

If you do the same thing again, what punishment should you get? I will have another homework make ten sentences.

To your teacher,

To teacher. I'm sorry. Because you will sad. But I'm only playing. Sorry to study. But I'm boring to study for long time. and I did a lie. So next day don't sad at me. I will good at you.

from Sally

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