Thursday, 22 July 2010

I will never complain about Scottish weather again.

In the last week or so, Lacey and I have booked our flights for our end-of-contract trip. I can't even express how excited I am. Non-Korean food! Clothes that fit! No language barrier! For weeks on end! Eeeeeeee! So if anyone will be around Glasgow or Edinburgh between the 20th and 29th of September, let me know – want to catch up with as many folk as possible! That's in between consuming huge amounts of potato scones and Fry's Chocolate Creams mmmmmmmm........

So that means that in between teaching, complaining about the hot weather, and laying semi-comatose under my air-conditioner, I have a lot to do before my contract finishes on September 10th. Visa forms to be completed, an FBI check to arrange (including a rather fruitless trip to the police station) and a place to store my stuff while I'm back home. Oh, and a way to move the stuff I still have stored in Scotland. A small price to pay for such a great year. I have had down days about Korea, I think all expats do, but she's been good to me, and I'm really excited about Busan (and the beaches!) next year. And hopefully a little less time on the subway. :)

A couple of quotes from moody middle-schoolers:

I never start to dance before tomorrow.

I tried studying last year. (I guess it didn't work out...)

And, a 'gloomy' dialogue from Julia in Twinkle class, author of the knitting pirate story. This assignment was very open-ended so I take no credit for any of it!

Characters: Kavin – 15, boy, smart, don't have friend;
Jack – 15, boy, good at sports, don't have father
Setting: At the school. In lunchtime. In cafeteria

Kavin: Today, I am again to eat lunch alone. Why don't I have many friends?

Jack: Hello, Kavin? Why does you eat alone? Can I sit here?

Kavin: Oh, Yes. I always welcom! Friends are hate me. I eat everyday alone.

Jack: That's to bad. It's secret. I don't have my father. He die to some car accident.

Kavin: Really? Oh...

(They're crying)

Jack: So, I want to make many friends. They can make me fun. Do you want to me to friend?

Kavin: Yes I want.

Jack: Good! Now we're friend!!

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