Tuesday, 17 August 2010

But I didn't pray to him I promise!

My favorite 3rd graders have been learning about jobs recently. Today, our target vocabulary included 'pop idol'. Actually very easy to teach since 'idol' is a Konglish word with an almost identical meaning to our current usage of the word. But, never one to shy away from a chance to teach a little etymology, I thought I'd give them some background. Knowing that at least one of them goes to church, I asked if any of them did. Of course its the cutest child. The one I'm going to hide in my suitcase when I leave.

Soooo, I started by saying that in the church, they say you shouldn't pray to anybody except God, and that praying to statues is bad. Of course, throwing the word 'statue' in there didn't help things. A quick brush past that into a hasty "praying to anything that isn't God is bad and 'idol' used to mean things that people prayed to that aren't God. So the old meaning of 'idol' was bad, but now it just means people that other people really like." Our one little church-goer interrupted me to explain that she has seen pop singers but she never prayed to them! Honest! But really! She didn't pray to them!

Well that'll teach me to start launching into unprepared lectures on word origins to the under-10 year olds. Maybe next time we'll stick to bingo and charades. (But no hangman of course :)

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