Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Imagine that your pet can talk to you!

Today is Level Test day.  Pretty much the most boring day.  We watch the kids take tests for almost every single class, and since the classrooms have podiums rather than desks for the teachers, I've been standing still for somewhere around two hours.  It reminds me of working afternoon shifts in pubs - guess I'm not quite as far away from the 'service industry' as I like to think!

Anyway, the silver lining is grading some hilarious stories from the writing part of the test.  Including this liittle gem from Heidi.  Heidi is (obviously) super smart, and she's so pale I was concerned at first that her mom had started her on whitening creams early. She has since said she hates to sit under the parasol at the beach, so perhaps her mother is just very careful with her.  She always has something to tell me at the beginning of class, and usually starts by saying 'I have one good news and one bad news.'  The good news items usually involve small gifts from friends, or an upcoming party, while bad news is often about a naughty boy at school or a test.  Whatever the news, it is always delivered carefully and with great seriousness.

My pet is an cat named Cutie.  She can talk!  When I went to a park, she said "Oh my! That cat is so handsom!"
I said "Yes, but we have to go!" She said "But he is to handsom! Lets go to him!" She pulled her neckelis. She was to strong!
I shouted, "Ahhhhh!!".  I fell down.  She ran to the handsom cat.  she said "Hellow, my name is Cutie. Who are you?"
"My name is Lano."
"Oh, Lano, lets go to  our house." He shouted, "No I already have an girlfriend!"
The cat ran away. Cutie cried, "He ran away from me!"
I said "It's alright. cutie he said he already has a girlfreind.  Our next door, there is an kind and handsome cat."
She said "Really? Then lets go!" Our next door cat is Looloo. Cutie said "Hello, Looloo?"
"Hi Cutie. I love you." And they hapily lived over.

I've been planning for a while now to write about some non-student related topics, but the second season of Downton Abbey only just finished.  Plus there are a lot of other shows out there that require my attention in the evening.  Plus I generally have about 2 brain cells left by the end of the day. Plus I am an gold-medal-winning Procrastinator.

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