Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Esther (the Molester) and Rosie Posie

I got another awesome story last week from the same class (the one with 12 mini-genius-girls).  Esther is pretty consistently hilarious and it became clear to me recently that she is a better trash-talker than I am.  A first-grader.  Speaking her second language.  I mean, the kid called me 'yucky butt' without missing a beat... how can I compete with that?  Oh, and she's also the kid who asked what boys have, down there.  Foolishly, I supplied the necessary vocabulary item, only to be faced with the question of what girls have.  She carefully repeated both words a few times to ensure that she would be able to correctly reproduce them at a later time.  The kid has balls AND smarts.  And she has her priorities in order when it comes to dreams:
I want to change...
first of all I don't want people to cut down trees.  Because trees give us air.  And the cars are making air pollution so the trees are dying.  I am upset about this thing. My dream is to stop cutting trees and stop making air pollution.  Second of all, I don't want any people to die because they don't have food. Because that people's familly will be so sad.  And me too.  I want them to join many friends and eat lots of food and have fun!  Those two things are my only two dreams!

Just this evening I got another story from Rosie in the same class.  (I told you they were mini-geniuses.)  Rosie has now reached maximum cuteness after the loss of one of her front teeth.  Her mom used to drive her everyday and sit outside class because she had 'separation anxiety' - though we never saw signs of it in class.  A few weeks later, she started crying uncontrollably, and didn't seem to stop for two or three solid days.  She still insisted on coming to class and she did all her work, she just couldn't stop crying.  We never found out what brought on the tears, but she's been back to her usual bubbly self for a while now and these letters are just too awesome to keep to myself!

First pig.
Dear first pig,
You made the house with the straw.  The wolf was so awful and big so the wolf blew your house away.  If you build the house with bricks our house will not be ruined.  Nevertheless you are smart because you thought and went to your younger brother's house.  You are very wise! ^^ 
Second pig.
Dear second pig,
You made the house with the wood.  You are same with your brother.  The wolf was bad so blew and blew and house went away.  I have to say the same thing! If you didn't build the house with wood it will not be ruined.  But next time be careful and don't be lazy! ^^ 
Third pig.
Dear third pig,
I want to praise you! You didn't be lazy like your brothers.  You didn't care about your brothers and work hard!  I want to follow your actions everyday I meet you. You are kind to let your brothers into your house even do your brothers made you feel angry.  You always forgive everyone exept the wolf.  i think you are so brave.  I wish your brothers follow you and not be lazy.  Good luck.

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