Monday, 19 December 2011

Oh dots!

Another testing day, another bunch of hilarious essays.  Sanah, recently returned to Korea from Texas, has quite the way with exclamations, which are often reminiscent of old-timey folks at church.  Here's her essay on what she would buy if she got a lot of money and had to spend it on someone else"
I want to give a Rilakuma sharpener with a card on it to Ginny.  I want to give her because I can't see her very much.  And she is very, very, so, so nice.  I love her too.  I hope she likes it!  But how will I get lots of money? I wouldn't suddenly have so much! (The money) I wish she says "Thank you".  I think she will be really happy. What if she hates it?
I want to invite Ginny to Christmas. That way I can say "Merry Christmas!" But I don't think I will see her for a lo~~ng time! Oh dots! Looking at my pencil makes me think doty. The end.
And here's a cute one from Ariel.  Ariel is generally a pain in the butt, and probably the only kid in the entire class that I don't wish I could steal.  She can be downright mean to the other girls, and despite endless correction, she constantly interrupts people.  But even I can see that this shows her cute side:
I will buy my mother a present because my mother bought me many things but I didn't have money to do something for my mother.  To buy [for] me, my mom save money what she had so she couldn't buy what she want.  She wanted some bags and earings so I will buy my mother many pretty bags and cute earings.  I will buy her a dress and rings.  My mother caught a cold so I think I will buy a soft blanket and pillows.  Then my mother will be thankful for me and most of all she will think I am a nice, kind and pretty girl just for her and love me more than now. 

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