Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Who will sa-e-ave your Seoul?

Another bad pun, yes. It's my blog and I'll use bad song lyrics if I want to. In case you were wondering, it's the self-righteous Jewel song in my head. Anyway, day two probably does not require so much writing, so I'll keep it brief...

First stop for culture was a Renoir exhibit at the Seoul Museum of Art. My buddy warned me that Koreans were a little different in their approach to museums, but I was not quite prepared for the massive queue of people slowly shuffling along – with absolutely no wandering about. Other than another small group of foreigners, we were the only people who stood out of the snake of people, and dotted about. I don't think we got too many dirty looks at least, so that's something. The exhibit itself was also notable, though really not my favourite – everything was a little too 'pretty'. I think this sculpture outside was actually my favourite thing there.

Next up was a palace nearby, and really I think the photos are better placed to describe it. I do love the skyscrapers in the background – there are a few places here where an old roof, or even part of an old roof, is completely swallowed up by modern concrete buildings. Mostly, there are just concrete buildings, so it's always nice to see something old hiding among them. We also caught the 'changing of the guard' – very touristy, but also good fun.

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