Thursday, 3 September 2009

Gee that camera phone's awful handy

Not feeling fabulous this evening (don't think the cow-spine soup last night agreed with my delicate Western constitution...) so will comfort myself with some nice photies:

Some local artwork.

Konglish....more on this another time. I am somewhat unsurprisingly captivated by Koreans' take on English.

Major fake plant action in the public toilet in the subway the background you can see a 'squattie'.

Hang on, am I in Malaga??

A more tasteful seaside shot.

Awesome sculpture in the grounds of Daegu's World Cup Stadium. The blurs at the bottom are little kids trying to climb up the slick metal. Definitely some future climbers in that bunch.

My street. Photo taken after my first big night out. If you squint you might notice how crazy the wiring is. Now imagine the horrors of the plumbing...

My lovely livingroom. Nice-uh.

For when I just can't take any more fried meat.

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