Wednesday, 9 September 2009

How to deal with homesickness

Things I miss:
People – you know who you are
Glaswegians – I can't understand the banter here so I can't even tell if I'm missing out on great jokes
Stereo cafe – Oh Stereo, my lovely vegan retreat from city life, you have not been replaced in my heart!
Knowing how to cook stuff – I'm just not sure what food to buy, or what to do with it – it's like being a fresher all over again!
Being good at my job – Self-explanatory. I know this will improve with time.
Tatty scones – My number one craving.
Being able to read ingredients lists – Being lactose intolerant, this is quite important! It is improving though.
Living with people – Much as it has got on my nerves in the past, I miss having flatmates.
Whisky – Mmmmmm proper whisky...
My cds - The laptop speakers are crappy and my cd drive appears to have added its own little skips. Thanks for that.
My books - I do have reading material, I just miss my bookshelf full of stuff
A comfy bed – The mattress here is basically the same firmness as the floor.
Scottish mountains – Haven't seen anything quite as inspiring as Torridon, Glen Coe or Skye, but then I haven't really left the cities yet.
Orion Mountaineering Club – The only climbing chat I've had so far is about 'hiking' (i.e. hillwalking up a path with an unnecessary amount of gear). Need to find some proper mountaineers to continue my apprenticeship.

Things I would miss if I had to go home now:
Korean kids – Yes the middle-schoolers are draining, but on the whole, the children here are insanely adorable. And they give me sweets all the time. How can you not love a pint-sized cutie who provides candy??
Teaching – even though I'm a bit rubbish at it, I would really miss getting a whole room of 11 year olds to say 'vvvvvvvvvvvvvvv'
My walk to work – I'm beginning to think people-watching here beats Glasgow. And that is saying something.
Being allowed to be pushy in crowds – everyone does it here – my pushiness is finally socially acceptable!
The crazy-ass buildings – I'm sure the architects here get high a lot. Most buildings are basically cubes, but they go mental with the finishing touches. Cobblestones, bricks and stucco on one house anyone? Nice-uh.
Steamed dumplings – almost stodgy enough to be a Scottish food.
Konglish - beach-i, nice-uh, Teacher Jenniper, joo (instead of 'zoo')...I love it all, and that's just the pronunciation - I can't wait to I figure out all the phonotactic rules. Mmmmmmmm phonology........
Barbecuing your dinner at the table – Such a sociable and fun way to eat.
Korean mountains – Haven't explored enough yet, but they look damned tempting.
Soy bean paste - I still don't know the Korean name for this, but I already know I will be bringing a supply home with me.
Living on my own – Actually, I do quite like never having to wash another person's dishes. And never needing to close the bathroom door.
Shopping – Have only scratched the surface with this, but it is obviously a national pursuit.
Learning Korean - I can read the alphabet pretty quickly now, and I'm really excited about taking lessons.
Not knowing what's going on – It is draining to feel like a dolt for most of the day, and it can be embarrassing when Koreans correct you (they really do that by the way – I've had rice out of my hands because I was eating it wrong!) but I figure my brain is busy working this stuff out. There's definitely some learning going on, and that's always a good feeling.

Ok, I feel much better now. It seems like a good sign that the second list is longer. :)

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