Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Monstrous Monster

Tomorrow, we're taking the kindergarten students, including the monster, to the aquarium for a field trip. Which I'm pretty freaking pumped about because I can't imagine anything better for a St. Paddy's day hangover than 11 tiny people and bajillions of sea creatures.
In case you thought the monster would have become better behaved under the daily influence of my fabulous teaching, um, you would be wrong. This kid is hard core when it comes to getting what he wants. And he takes avoidance of things he doesn't want even more seriously. Sometimes I swear his heels are dug in so far he must be up to his neck (he's teeny so it wouldn't take long.)
Earlier in the week, we had fun pretending that the podium (teachers don't have desks at my school) was his house, but the real fun started I moved it so he couldn't sit inside anymore. That's if you call 30 minutes of crying fun. There were, of course, brief breaks in the sobbing to check that we were still looking at him. It truly was a performance worthy of a Korean drama.
He's also told me, on two separate occasions, that he hates me. I believe a direct translation is 'My teacher is terrible.' And no, he didn't use the polite form of the verb. However, one class later, in the gym, he climbed all over my back so he could put his ear next to my ear. Don't ask why because the Korean teacher was as puzzled by this as I was, but it was obviously very funny for him. Oh, and then he stuck out his tongue and tried to attack us both. But remember, I'm terrible.
UPDATE: So, the hangover wasn't too serious, but guess who hates fish? And, indeed, all sea life? And all teachers? And even the BEACH?? If you guessed the tiny terror, good job. You are genius. Here are some pics of him hating life, and along with a few of children who actually like things.
"Sigh...people always want pictures of my cheeks.
God, look at these stupid fish.
I hate fish! I'm gonna go sit down."
"Hmmmm...I hear what you're saying about fish being fun, but..." 
"Wow! The aquarium is super fun!"
"Guys, it's time for crazy faces! Man, this aquarium is awesome." 
"Remember me? That adorable kid you used to teach
one-on-one everyday? Remember when I seemed like hard work?
Before you realised I was an ANGEL?"
"Wow! Sand! What a great field trip!"
"I can't even look at you. I HATE EVERYTHING!"

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