Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Baby steps...

Well, we managed two tantrum free days from the pre-schooler, so of course today brought another battle. After saying he was hungry before lunchtime, he refused his lunch, and instead spent the whole time running around the (non-baby-proof) school. So I obviously expected an easy afternoon, because nothing leads to good behavior like hunger and tiredness.

Having figured out that we don't put up with bad behavior in the classroom, he refused to even enter the room for afternoon class. Luckily, the director's husband is AWESOME with kids and just kept repeating that he had to go to class during class time. The persistence on both sides was impressive, but of course the little guy eventually got carried into the classroom. Where the real tears started. Long story short, he refused to take a nap, but then ended up falling asleep while standing and leaning against my leg. So I guess we're buddies now.

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