Thursday, 2 September 2010


Well after all that reflection on seasons coming round again, and feeling so at home in Korea, my school is now in a state of noisy upheaval. I should never really have expected things to stay the same for too long - that just isn't the Korean way.

The school has occupied a full 7-storey building up to now, but due to the ever-dropping number of students, we're moving into the top 3. That means that what was once the teacher's office and a small library now also contains the front desk and reading stations for the students. And some plants. They moved those up today, presumably to make us all feel better about things.

I have to say, at this late stage, I just can't get myself irritated about any of this disruption. I had to move my desk, but really that just forced me to organize some of the worksheets I was planning to take with me anyway. I now sit in Manager's Row with both the foreign and Korean managers right next to me, but that just means I pick up tidbits of information early. I'm terribly hungover today, but hey, that just means the kids get an easy time.

It's also pretty interesting being in close quarters with the admin staff. Of course teachers and desk staff had some contact before, when we need to order books or get pay slips, but we were separated by five floors. It was pretty funny the first couple of days when one of them was running about telling the workmen all about her vision of where things would miraculously fit. It was a little less funny the day there were cables draped everywhere and the workmen alternated between yelling at each other and drilling things. In all the chaos, one of them also dropped his cigarettes, which a child then started playing soccer with.

All in all, a pretty typical time in K-town. Now if I could just get hold of some coffee, today would be just peachy.

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