Sunday, 9 December 2012

A weekend in the country

I wasn't thrilled when I heard that Lacey and I would be on Caitlyn Duty this weekend. It wasn't the Caitlyn part - she's a delight - but the being stuck out in the country part. And honestly I'm not good with 'obligations'. I still pout like a four-year-old when asked to do things I didn't choose to do. And I chose to live downtown. Near bars and coffee shops. With a kitchen full of dairy-free goodies. So packing up two days worth of food and having no option to go out felt like a lost weekend. I'm not proud of this feeling. It's not one of my finer traits, this always wanting my own way thing.

And in this case I was being even more daft than usual. Because my usual Saturday involves making bread, wearing pajamas, opening 4,000 tabs on the internet and watching lame tv shows. And today? Only differences are some laundry, feeding the chickens, and slightly better tv choices (Caitlyn's taste is better than mine).

This got me thinking about an old epiphany of mine: It's Better To Buy Stuff For Each Other Than To Only Pay For Your Own Stuff. (I was at uni. I was obviously talking about buying drinks at the pub.) You end up spending the same amount as you would if you split every check, but you build a web of obligations - and that web is cozy. It gets cozier when you're doing more than just buying each other 50p shots of vodka. And especially when the people in your web appreciate the things you do - and I've managed to land myself a whole new family with a giant web. It's a little cozier than I'm used to, but it's super warm in here.

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