Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Co-teachers come in all shapes and attitudes: helpful, mean, indispensible, uncooperative and adorable being just a few options. I didn't really have a co-teacher last year as we always taught separate classes from the Korean teachers, and only really needed to work together to deal with problem students. This year, I have the monster, and his tantrums have created a bond between me and my fabulous co-teacher.

She'd never taught before, and her English isn't the best (I was slightly terrified during the first class when she had to look up almost every word to translate all the screaming.) But we made a good team from the start, and she is an invaluable source of information from the monster's family. Oh, and I haven't had to prepare an art class in two months now thanks to her efforts. Most importantly, her Starbucks study sessions, and being around English all day have paid off so we can have 3 minute chats during our stairwell time-outs with the monster.

I think my favorite thing about our chats is that she obviously thinks of things to say beforehand, and practices how to say them properly. She'd never had a foreigner friend before, or traveled outside Korea, so lots of things I say are pretty surprising, which makes me feel special and unique. And she pretty much smiles 59 minutes out of 60. Anyway, here are some quotes:

'I think you are look like Princess Diana.'
'Oh thanks, but it's just the hair.'
'No really, I think so.'
'Well thank you.'

'I'm wondering again, why don't you have a boyfriend?'
'Hmmm...where to begin...'

'You can eat the tomatoes. He won't eat them.'
'Oh why?'
'Because he is little scared. They are very surprise.'
'Oh ok. Because they burst open?'
'Yes. Also, how do you say - tiny tomato? little tomato? baby tomato?'
'Ah, cherry tomato.'

'Maybe this language is so strange and funny, but, are you pretty to foreigners?'
'Um what?'
'Well, I see many foreigners at the beach, and I think they are not pretty, but I think you are pretty, so...'
uncontrollable laughter 'I think most of the foreigners here are pretty actually. And, um, I hope my friends think that I am...'

'Your dress is very become to you.'

'Urinate. Pee. Which one is correct?'

And my favorite note, perhaps of all time. I asked her to call a Korean phone number to check that I had completed everything to book a walk across the Gwangalli bridge. When I asked her how it went, she got all shy and fluttery, and asked me to wait until she'd written it down.

'They'll send the material to need the day by delivery service.

So, it doesn't need anything
You have only to bring it. ^-^

*This grammar is wrong, so You're not able to understand ㅜ-ㅜ
Do you understand~? If you don't understand.
ask me again'

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