Sunday, 16 May 2010

Animals in Korea

A while ago, Lacey and I went on a dog walk with the local dog and cat shelter. The experience was both fun, and emotionally draining. We haven't been back, and I'm honestly not sure that I want to - and I say that as someone who loves taking dogs for a walk. One of the things about Korean culture that I just can't accept is the attitude towards animals. I don't know what underlies this way of thinking, nor can I describe it, so I'll just say that I feel a little queasy when my students tell me that 'all animals are dirty'. This weekend, my friend and co-worker, Mark, went on another dog walk. I think he sums it up better than I can.

In other news, my parents will arrive in Daegu tomorrow! I know I never update this, so maybe their arrival will spur me on to write something soon... Hope everyone is having a lovely spring!

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