Thursday, 8 April 2010

What about me? I don't think both are right.

About a month ago I lost one of my favourite classes, and I started a rather sentimental post about them. Then after only a few weeks, I got the class back again, so no need for mawkishness! I will simply say that I am way too maternal about one little girl with awful spelling whose cuteness is just too much to bear. Here's her writing about 'Life on Mars'.

Mark (Mars)
0/00/0 day

I want to the Mark that people looks like opcatos (octopus). They so kind. They eat same our's food. That city like our's city They just different face. The big mart is F-mart I eat a suger Every people is eat suger or drank water It's so tasty. That is so cold. It's -40C but Mark people is not cold That season is summer thay think It's so hot. because The Mark is far to sun then our's star.
Another student who left a while ago is from the other end of the spectrum in a lot of ways. Roger is an awkward teenager and he's a bit of an odd duck, but he was a great character and his writing was always very creative and interesting. I can't remember the exact assignment for this one - something to do with words that are difficult to define - but some background info is needed. All middle-school students in Korea have the same hair cuts: girls have a chin-length bob and straight cut fringe, and boys have short hair. Short hair for boys seems pretty normal I guess, but the average boyband looks like this:

So the end of elementary school is pretty traumatic for some of the boys and their beloved fringes. I doubt Roger was among them, and he must be used to it as he's in his last year of middle-school, but as usual he had his own unique perspective.

There are many students who want to cut their hairs freely. And, also there are many adults who want to cut student's hair short.
Students think that it should be free to cut their hairs freely. In some schools, students grow their hairs, even the techers gave them punishments. They said 'It's my decision, not teacher's' and, 'Can't I grow my hair? Why? It's my hair, my!'

On the other hand, some adults think that students hair should be neat. They sometimes say bad words to students, also they think students who grow their hairs are bullies, and bad students.
Students define that 'grow hair is free' and adults define that 'student's hair should be neat!' What about me? I don't think both are right. I think they should try to understand each other.

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