Monday, 11 January 2010

A successful teacher?

Yesterday, I had one of my classes write questions to interview each other. One pair used 'What job do you want to do?' So I overheard little Brenda (E5) saying she was going to be a 'successful teacher':

Me: Ok Brenda, what do you mean by 'successful'?
Brenda: Good.
Me: So what is a successful teacher? Am I a successful teacher?
Brenda: A little, teacher.
[much giggling from both of us]
Me: Ok Brenda, what does successful mean?
[more giggling]
Brenda: Students can understand teacher every word.

Lesson learned: Don't ask students questions like this. They actually tell you what they think. Glad to have learned that lesson with the cute little ones, rather than the awkward middle-schoolers.

Eventually I will post some photos from Christmas. But now, its time for work.

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