Sunday, 9 August 2009


Finally (FINALLY!!!) arrived in Daegu last night. After so much travelling and not much sleep in the course of 30+ hours (despite the marvellous comforts of the Korean Air flight), I slept extremely well. I must say the bedding is very very odd - sort of waffly stuff that feels a bit like it was meant to be the mattress protector rather than the sheets. Aside from that, and some issues with the lights, the flat is Marvellous - nice size and well supplied (toaster AND rice cooker!) and I seem to have no trouble logging on to an unsecured wireless network - result!

Met with my new boss and a couple of the other teachers, and have been shown around the area a little. Definitely like my neighbourhood, Siji. It doesn't feel like a big city, and actually reminds me a little of the west end of Glasgow - you know the city's 'just over there', but you can pretty much do everything in your little area. And most of the teachers live within a couple of blocks of my flat. Wonderfulness.

Will post something about the time in Menomonie shortly :)

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