Saturday, 18 July 2009

And so it begins....

Right. So I'm not sure about the blog thing, but it saves doing group emails. Will try not to be pretentious or overly verbose.... but don't go expecting miracles. Main goal of this, other than the obvious self-indulgence of keeping a public journal, is to provide updates on my trip to Korea - and possibly beyond if I manage to maintain a sufficiently interesting lifestyle.

With regard to the name, I take no credit as it was entirely Dom's idea (thanks!) In case you are unsure as to the meaning of agog, please do look it up - and try to use it in a sentence today!

The visa finally arrived this morning - delivered by a bemused postman who didn't seem to expect 'Are you J Wright?' to elicit squealing and dancing as a response. If he'd known how long it took to get that damn visa, I'm sure he'd have understood. And, thanks to the tireless efforts of the parents (another THANK YOU!), I am off on a jetplane at a sickeningly early hour tomorrow morning, and will arrive in Menomonie just in time for dinner. I do wish I had a bit more time to sort things out, but then it's hardly a shock that a lot of things got left to the last minute. Only half a sleep left on the teeny futon before the adventure begins! Eek!

A big THANK YOU to James, Joe and Monica (in alphabetical order only!) for letting me use the teeny futon in the alcove for far longer than politeness required - I cannot say how much easier these last few weeks have been thanks to your awesomeness.

Must actually do some packing now in order to avoid horrendous excess baggage fees. Think I might dress in full winter gear - with climbing harness and helmet - not only would it save luggage weight, and be super safe, but I would start my travels looking hypercool.

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